Why is it worth choosing us?

To the tax service providers like law firms and companies, our advantage is that young, dynamic, tax law specialist lawyers and experienced tax auditors work together. However, it is not enough to be an expert on the subject; we also focus on solving the actual issues

We are aware of the responsibility that our clients trust us, as the success of cases may decide on the future of you or your business. Our work has many years of experience and dedication to provide a complete and comprehensive solution to the problem.

Our office is designed for professional customer service, customer-centred approach for legal issues and efficient solutions. The attorneys’ fee is only a little part of an official investigation of any tax issues, which would act without a legal representative. Moreover, please be informed that asking for advice is without charge in your case.Many clients come to us with the question whether they should accept that the authority is always right or take action against its decision. We believe that it is not only possible, but also a necessary step. Dr. Nikolett Szeiler has repeatedly said that she is committed to the view that the tax authority should provide legal representation to clients by the state. In Hungary it is mandatory to have legal representation on some forums such as criminal proceedings or proceedings before Court of Appeals. Why should taxpayers be alone without representation just before the Tax Authority? Against the Authority the customer has no power, does not have a level of experience, accounting and legal qualifications that could properly represent the case. Many clients come to us too late, when the tax debt enforcement initiated. After the first notice from the Tax Authority you are recommended to contact us to avoid future inconveniences and put your case in the right hands.

We find the below mentioned significant:

  • You are able to spend your time with building your company and its daily routine, while we provide the solution for the legal issues, which save you a lot of inconvenience.
  • We provide complete solution and keep our clients informed about their case status.
  • Every case is considered a challenge; therefore we aim to do a successful job.
  • Our approach to our customers is personal and confidential; we are always available and flexible for them.
  • Our office primarily performs such tasks, in which we have extensive experience and expertise available.

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