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The process and representation of final settlement in Hungary


végelszámolás​If the company terminates without legal successor and the company is still solvent, final settlement should place. If your company is insolvent, it can initiate liquidation process against itself. You can read more about it in our article: Liquidation

If your company has no debts or you can pay the debts, the company can end with final settlement. In case of hiring our office, it would be the most effective if we were appointed to act as the representative of the liquidator for all proceedings. So the process would be cut short quickly and efficiently by us instead of a very complicated and time consuming procedure.

The final settlement process in Hungary:

The Company's executive or members shall call a general meeting, which decides on the final settlement, the election of the liquidator and the starting date of the process. In our or the company’s office we usually hold the meeting, we also write the report about it with an attorney countersign.